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Whether you have an interview or important presentation at work, a pitch to deliver to a prospective client, a speech to give at a wedding or corporate event, or if you find yourself in any other situation that puts you on stage in front of an audience, we can help.

At Release Your Voice, you’ll learn to:

  • write compelling speeches

  • present with confidence

  • engage audiences

  • leave lasting impressions

Corporate Programs
& Lunch + Learns

Release Your Voice Corporate Programs offer training and professional development designed specifically for CEO’s, professionals, managers, association officers, educators, project managers and anyone else who could benefit from help with communicating strategically and capturing peoples’ attention.

One of the keys to becoming a skillful communicator is to focus on structure, enunciation, projection, presence, delivery, and grammar. However, these skills must be combined with the more subtle elements of public speaking and communication.  That is the power to use our energy combined with our vision and passion to achieve our goals.

Examine the world’s greatest speakers and you’ll find them all to be exceptional communicators. They talk about their ideas, but they do so in a way which also speaks to emotions and aspirations of their audience. They realize if their message doesn’t take deep root with the audience then it likely won’t be understood, much less championed. That is why it is vital for leaders to have the communication skills and tools to achieve their goals. This is a unique opportunity for participants to gain the skills to communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

You learn – proper pronunciation, posture, pitch, tone, pace, and I take you to the next level. The ability to use non-verbal behavior and body language to subtlety and effectively influence an audience. Whether you are giving a speech, presentation or directing a meeting you will understand the psychology of how to reach a target market and audience. This interactive program promotes continuous involvement and contribution of all participants in an informal, relaxed learning environment.

Being an excellent communicator is not a gift. It is a skill.

This is a program designed specifically for your organization. I pride myself on delivering programs that focus on the goal and vision of a company or individual.

International Work & Programs

International work or working for democracy is not easy, but in my experience over the last 15 years from Kosovo to Yemen it is incredibly fulfilling and gratifying. Empowering women and minorities to develop the skills to change and enhance their lives and the lives of their communities.

I have worked extensively for the Canadian Special Forces, RCMP, the National Democratic Institute in Armenia, Kosovo, Yemen, Jordan, Serbia, Liberia and throughout Europe. This work has included message development and delivery, media training, public speaking, and leadership.

This work includes training for the U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, President Atifete Jahjaga of Kosovo, and the President’s office in Liberia and Yemen. In addition, I have worked with USAID and the United States Consulate in Vancouver.


Every country has had challenges and successes, my goal is to give each participant the skills to achieve their country’s vision.

Indigenous Programs & Workshops

I have been fortunate to work with indigenous nations throughout Canada.

This work has afforded me the opportunity to work with the Twesuswent and Dene Nations. I look forward to working with your nation to ensure you message is clear, concise and effective. It is not always simple or straightforward to convey your message, especially with the complex and difficult challenges your nation may face.


In my experience trauma suffered by all nations can take away peoples voices.

My goal is to understand your nation’s perspective and vision for the future and give you the communication skills to achieve that vision. To reclaim your voices.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programs are crucial in enhancing leadership performance among top executives in today’s competitive corporate landscape. These programs provide a unique opportunity for executives to receive personalized guidance and support in their professional development journey. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, executives can explore their strengths and weaknesses, develop powerful leadership skills, and ultimately achieve their full potential as leaders.

Pamela Hart brings a wealth of knowledge and insights from working with various executives across different industries. She  provides a safe and confidential space for executives to reflect on their leadership style, receive unbiased feedback, and identify areas for growth and improvement. With the guidance of Pamela Hart, executives can leverage their strengths, overcome challenges, and develop the necessary skills to lead effectively in today’s dynamic business environment.

Through executive coaching programs, organizations are investing not only in developing their top leaders but also in the company’s overall success. Enhanced leadership performance leads to improved decision-making, increased employee engagement, and improved business outcomes. By supporting their executives through personalized coaching, organizations can ensure their leaders have the tools and skills to navigate complex challenges, drive innovation, and inspire their teams to achieve success.

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