Bootcamp Programs

Do you have Public Speaking: Fear or Anxiety? Do you freeze and forget what to say? Do you worry that you are not being heard? Find yourself stuttering, saying um’s and aw’s? While it may seem overwhelming you can conquer these challenges and become a confident speaker.

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Corporate In-House Programs

Our corporate seminars are specifically designed for your company. Release Your Voice works closely with you to understand the culture of your company and its communication needs.

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Keynote Speaker

Would you like an exciting, interesting and thought-provoking speaker for your AGM, firm retreat or event? Nothing is more important to Release Your Voice than making sure your event is a success.

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Welcome to Release Your Voice

Have you ever looked at a keynote speaker and thought: “That’s how I want to present” Well now you can! Release Your Voice offers training that will turn anyone into a confident and engaging speaker. We offer personal public speaking training throughout the Lower Mainland and around the world that will guide you through a variety of techniques on how to write, rehearse and present your material successfully, and with confidence.

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Five Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Public Speaking